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Stepbrother Virgin

Susie had taken care of her billionaire mother as long as she could remember. She’d run the household and kept the hired help from quitting in frustration. But learning her mother had gotten married…again…and her new stepdad and stepbrother would be moving in might just push her over the edge.

Buck had taken care of his destitute dad as long as he could remember. If Buck didn’t bring home his salary from working at the golf course, they wouldn’t have a place to live or enough to eat. He hasn’t even found the time, or inclination, to lose that pesky virginity he’s been holding on to. Now Buck has just been informed that not only has his dad gotten married, but they have to move into the mansion his stepmother owns by the end of the month…not to mention he has a new stepsister as well.

Neither Susie nor Buck expected to immediately be attracted to each other, but at least Buck’s virginity is no longer an issue. While sleeping with your stepsibling every night seems like a taboo thing to do, it might not be an issue too much longer when their parents’ relationship starts to crumble.