A virgin, a convict, and a villain who is determined to destroy them both.

Imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit, Maggie Lionetti is doing everything she can to keep her head above water. Including using a friend’s name and her car to make money. Too bad she crosses paths with someone who actually knows her friend…and knows she isn’t who she’s pretending to be.

 Shawn “Preacher” Franklin isn’t about to let someone cheat and steal from a Navy friend while she’s deployed. So he and his friends confront Maggie, and find out she’s simply a woman down on her luck. There’s something about her, and her situation, that strikes a chord in him and he begins helping her get back on her feet.

 One thing leads to another and before they know it, Maggie and Preacher are dating. It’s an unusual match, the virgin and the convict, but it works. They work.

 But not everyone who puts on a uniform for their country does so for the right reasons. Maggie’s keeping a secret from her new boyfriend and his friends. A secret that could put her right back in prison and be deadly for Preacher and his fellow Navy SEALs. She has to find the courage to spill all her secrets…but that still might not be enough to save her.

New York Times Bestselling Author

Protecting Maggie

April 1, 2025