Deserving Lara

Callen “Owl” Kaufman thought dangerous missions were a thing of his past. As a former Night Stalker Army pilot he’d been in his share of dicey situations. But rescuing Lara Osler from a serial killer who’d become obsessed with her was definitely one of the most memorable. But now that she’s safe at The Refuge, and healing, Owl is having trouble hiding his feelings for her. But he’d never do anything that might make the strong yet vulnerable woman uncomfortable.

Kidnapped by a boyfriend? Check. Held against her will by a serial killer? Check. Falling in love with her rescuer? Triple check. Lara thought her life was over, but then her best friend showed up to save her with one of the most intriguing men she’d ever met. Owl is funny, considerate, and makes her feel safe. As time passes after her rescue, she becomes stronger…because of the man who opens his home to her, comforts her when she gets scared, and who encourages her to be exactly who she is.

But the serial killer is still out there, watching and waiting for his chance to steal back what he feels is his…Lara.

New York Times Bestselling Author