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She needs to win him at the bachelor auction to save her friend...but didn't plan on falling in love.

Cora needs to win the representative from The Refuge in the bachelor auction…it’s literally a matter of life and death. But nothing goes according to her plan, and yet, she still manages to find herself in a diner with Pipe, telling him about her best friend who she is convinced has been kidnapped and is being held against her will. She needs Pipe and his former military friends from The Refuge to go to Arizona with her and find her friend, and break her out if necessary.

Pipe has no desire to participate in a bachelor auction, but to raise money for Veterans, he lets himself be talked into it. But the auction is the start of a mystery, one he’s determined to figure out. Mostly because of the woman he is attracted to from the moment he sees her from the stage.

But finding her friend is the easy part. Determining if she’s with her boyfriend of her own free will and breaking her out of the house if she’s not…isn’t quite so cut and dried. Along the way he finds there’s much more to Cora than she shows the world…kind of like him.

Falling in love wasn’t in Pipe’s plan, but he’s not going to let anything, or anyone, get in his way of making Cora his…not even a serial killer hiding in the wings waiting to strike.

Deserving Cora

Nov 14, 2023