New York Times Bestselling Author

Protecting Wren

Nov 5, 2024

She’s been in precarious situations before, but she’ll never make it out of this one without the help of her Navy SEAL.

Bo “Safe” Cyders was born to protect. He loves his job as a Navy SEAL and takes his oath to protect his country and the men on his team seriously. So when a woman stumbles toward him asking for help while at Aces Bar and Grill, he doesn’t hesitate to act.

Wren DeFranco’s date went from bad to worse, and when she wakes up in a strange bed, in a room she doesn’t recognize she thinks for sure she’ll end up a statistic on some random crime show. But instead, she finds that she’s somehow found a man who is not only one of the good guys, but who she is quickly falling head over heels for.

When she’s sent to a dangerous country for her job, she finds out just how lucky she’d been that night back in the bar when she asked Bo for assistance. She’ll have to use every bit of survival information he and his SEAL friends have given her, as well as hope the tracker she’s been given will lead them straight to her before it’s too late.