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She’d lost everything once, and now that she’d found herself, and a man she trusted to be by her side, she refused to let it all be taken from her a second time.

Ever since he’d heard about the mysterious woman in the woods who’d rescued his friends, former British Special Forces Operative Talon Ross, was intrigued. Who was she? Why was she there? Was she cold? Hungry? He couldn’t rest until he found her and made sure she was all right. But when he did track her down, he realized he’d need to earn her trust. Not only that, but there was a bigger mystery surrounding her, one he wanted to solve so she could not only move on with her life, but do it with him by her side.

Sunset Meadowblossom had known nothing but degradation and fear in her life. Until the day she escaped the world she’d grown up in. Living on her own in the forest was a dream come true, but when a man from the town she’d always been warned away from showed up, and treated her with nothing but kindness, it was confusing…and exhilarating.

Then she found out that her name wasn’t Sunset. It was Heather, and she’d been stolen from her real life a long time ago. As she got to know the men and women from Fallport, a whole new world opened up to her. But as she was settling in, and discovering what real love felt like, those in her past were lurking. Waiting for the right time to strike. To take back what they considered to be theirs. And it would be up to Heather to stand up for herself once and for all and fight for not only herself, but Tal and the love they’d formed.

Searching for Heather

Jan 2, 2024