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Finn “Tonka” Matlick’s last mission with the Coast Guard had gone so horribly wrong, it left him unable to live a normal life. He now prefers animals to people, which makes his job at The Refuge, looking after the four-legged creatures, ideal.

Henley McClure has more in common with the owners of The Refuge than they would ever believe, but to them she’s simply the part-time psychologist who comes up from the nearby town to talk to the paying guests.

But slowly but surely, with the help of her adorable daughter, Henley finds Tonka’s shields lowering. He lets her in and together they begin to heal from the traumas from their past. But evil’s waiting and watching and when the worst happens, Henley and Tonka will have to work together to protect those they love.

**Deserving Henley is the 2nd book in the The Refuge Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings. 

Deserving Henley

Jan 3, 2023