New York Times Bestselling Author

Protecting Josie

March 5, 2025

One mistake almost led to her death…instead it led her to love.
Josie England couldn’t even fathom being a prisoner of war—but that’s what she’s become. Not that she was in the military, and her country wasn’t even currently at war, but she’s been thrown into a cell in Iran all the same, beaten, forgotten. And now she’s going to die. Of that she is certain. Until a real-life hero is thrown into the next cell.

Navy SEAL Nate “Blink” Davis can’t believe he ended up on another mission that’s gone sideways. At least this time no one has died—yet. He has no doubt his team will break him out, he just has to be patient, and strong enough to withstand his captors’ seemingly endless rounds of torture. Then he realizes he isn’t alone in the dark, dank prison…and he has an even greater reason to live.

Despite barely surviving herself, his cellmate makes a sacrifice for Blink that shifts his entire world. Leaving her behind is NOT an option. However, like the SEAL motto, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, Blink and Josie find out exactly how true that is when they get back to the “real world”…and realize their troubles are just starting.

**Protecting Josie is the 3rd book in the SEAL of Protection: Alliance Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.