Having a crush on one of your brother’s friends was so cliché. But Reese Woodall wasn’t too worried…it wasn’t as if she’d ever have a chance with the former Delta Force Operative. For one, he lived in New Mexico and she was in Missouri, for another, ever since her brother and his team had chaptered out of the Army, she hadn’t seen his old teammates even once.

Gus “Spike” Fowler didn’t think twice about heading to South America when he heard his old Army buddy had disappeared and his sister had gone to find him. He hadn’t thought much about Reese in the last five years, but now that he’s spent some intense time with her…he realizes he’s missed out on a lot of time.

Getting to know her while back at The Refuge as her brother heals is eye opening and Spike realizes she’s everything he’s been looking for in a partner. Just when things are going better than he could ever expect…the trouble they escaped in South America followed them home to the States. Now Spike has to use every skill he learned as a special forces soldier to find the woman he loves.

Deserving Reese

May 30, 2023

New York Times Bestselling Author