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She thought her secrets would tear them apart, instead it brought them together.

Khloe Moore has secrets. Secrets that could get her killed. She came to Fallport, Virginia under false pretenses and only intended to stay for a short while. But she'd stayed because she found everything she'd ever wanted. Friends and a supportive community. But she had no choice but to let some of her secrets be known in order to save the life of a beloved member of the small town she'd come to love so much.

Raiden Walker loved working for the Eagle Point Search & Rescue Team after he got out of the Coast Guard. But he had secrets he hadn't shared with his friends. Horrors from his past and what he liked to do in his free time. It was easier to keep his head down, and not make tight connections...except with his four-legged search partner. But when his bloodhound's life was in peril, the one person he never expected stepped up to the to plate to save him.

Khloe and Raiden never thought they'd find the one thing they'd always longed for in each other. A true partner. They'd been sniping at each other for so long, once they stopped trying to hide who they were, they were blindsided by their connection.

But even after they settled into their newfound relationship, things weren't smooth sailing. Both had skeletons in their closets that weren't content to stay there. Not only that, but a member of their community was doing his best to discredit them both. They'd have to fight to live happily ever after in the small town they'd made their home. And it would take each and every one of the friends they'd made over the years for that to happen.

Searching for Khloe

May 7, 2024