New York Times Bestselling Author

Protecting Remi

July 2, 2024

The start of a brand-new series featuring Navy SEALs who will do whatever it takes to keep their women safe. 

Meeting a handsome, muscular, brave Navy SEAL when they both get stranded in the middle of the ocean after being purposely left by the captain of their privately hired boat wasn't how Remi Stephenson thought the day would go. The curvy, nerdy, cartoonist hadn't thought she'd earn more than a second glance from the SEAL, but their connection was undeniable. Even before they were rescued, they were making plans to get together when they returned to Southern California. 

Vincent "Kevlar" Hill had always wanted what his mentor and friend, Wolf Steel, had. A loving partner to share his life with. But his job as a Navy SEAL seemed to be a barrier he couldn't overcome. Until he found himself bobbing in the middle of the ocean with the most intriguing, sexy woman he'd ever met. 

It seemed as if fate had handed him a woman he could love for the rest of his days on a silver platter, especially since they essentially lived in the same city. But someone had arranged for them to be left in the water, miles from shore. And if Kevlar couldn't figure out who, neither he or Remi would get a chance to find out how perfect they could be together.

Kevlar has to use the expertise of his teammates, a former SEAL named Tex, and all of Wolf's connections to find out not only who hated either him or Remi enough to try to get rid of them, but to keep their secret enemy from succeeding in ending not only their budding relationship, but their lives as well. 

**Protecting Remi is the first book in the SEAL of Protection: Alliance Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.