Finding Ashlyn

Feb 7, 2023

Friends with Benefits. That’s all Ashlyn wanted with Slate. They were definitely combustible in the bedroom, and that was sufficient…wasn’t it? Yes, definitely. He was too bossy. Too protective. She didn’t want someone hovering around always wanting to know where she was and telling her she was too reckless. But then again…knowing someone cared enough to worry about her felt kind of nice. Not to mention the more she was around Slate and the more she learned about him, the more she liked him.

Duncan “Slate” Stone had never been with a woman like Ashlyn. She was impulsive, spontaneous, and way too casual with her safety. She drove him crazy…and he couldn’t stay away from her. The sex was out of this world amazing, but being around her, even when they did nothing but talk, made him happy.

When Ashlyn finds herself in the middle of a deadly situation, she realizes that having a protective boyfriend isn’t a bad thing. And Slate will do whatever it takes to make sure the woman he’s come to love is safe.

** Finding Ashlyn is the 6th book in the SEAL Team Hawaii Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

New York Times Bestselling Author