New York Times Bestselling Author

**Stoker steps outside her normal genre to bring this cute story for the little ones!**

Payton Wright is special. She has a gift…a gift she’s always known about, but has never seen in anyone else. With no one in who she can confide her secret to, she’s grown up a little lonely. Until, at fourteen, she becomes a junior counselor at Camp Owanka—where she recognizes something unique in her three young charges, Zack, Zane, and Lily. For the first time, Payton knows she’s found similar kids she can confide in. For the first time ever, she isn’t truly alone. 

A fun day in the woods, testing their abilities, takes a surprising turn when they hear an unexpected cry in the forest. There’s an unknown danger lurking, one too powerful for Payton or any of the others to take down alone. But if the new friends work together—and respect Mother Nature—they may make it back to camp…and help good triumph over evil.

Nature's Rift