New York Times Bestselling Author

Three short stories by Susan Stoker, including The Boardwalk, The Other Side of the Story, and The Gift.

The Boardwalk- Walking along the beach one day a man meets a woman sitting on a bench. They talk and he takes her to lunch. But as most things in life, there's always more to the story than what meets the eye. The ultimate love story.

The Other Side of the Story- Kassie begins messaging Hollywood through a dating site. However, she's hiding way more than Hollywood thinks. Find out the "other side of the story" and why she signed up for an online dating site in the first place.

The Gift- Annie meets a new friend in Frankie and wants to give him a present...but she's only seven, and doesn't have any money. She has to wrack her brain to come up with an appropriate present. What she doesn't realize is Frankie is doing the same thing.

A Moment in Time-

     A Collection of Short Stories