Sarina Ross likes her life ordered. A research scientist, she lives to search for cures that will save lives. And if she doesn’t have much of a life herself? Well, that’s par for the course for the introvert who prefers the company of dogs to people. Her life is just fine, albeit a little predictable, until it quite literally blows up in her face.

Ford Allen is a chameleon. He can be whatever a situation calls for, which makes him great at his work. Charming and outgoing are in his bag of tricks, but deep down, he’s a brooding man of few words who knows things always run smoother when he’s in charge.

When Ford ends up protecting Sarina from danger, they both realize she’s not such a wallflower after all. The fireworks between them are all verbal until one night, they explode into a physical connection neither of them have felt before. But if Ford can’t save Sarina from the people hunting her, he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever truly revealed himself to.

Protecting Sarina


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