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Can he keep her safe when she’s surrounded by menace?

After being seriously injured on a mission, Navy SEAL John “Riot” Dillon has worked hard to get his life back on track. With one more hurdle—to get back his active duty status—he jumps at the chance when an old friend asks for help. But he has no idea how much of a mess he’s stepping into or the instant attraction that will draw him to the woman he’s supposed to protect.

Ariana Nelson likes to think she can handle anything. At least, until her now ex-boyfriend was charged with espionage for stealing government secrets for China. Refusing to go into Witness Protection, she hopes that after the trial her life will return to normal. But then the threats start. Thank God her neighbor came to her aid, and it didn’t hurt that he was a drop-dead gorgeous Navy SEAL.

As the danger escalates and Ariana’s life is threatened, John asks his friends, Wolf and Tex, to help him protect her. What none of them count on is the menace stalking her is coming from inside one of the agencies meant to protect her. Now John must convince the stubborn spitfire who’s stolen his heart that she’s in more danger than she knows and to let him keep her safe. But will Ariana give love and trust another chance before time runs out?

Protecting Ariana